February 5th, 2011

So we kick things off with our first coverage of a punk concert for 2011 and I’m happy to say it was for a good cause.

Our friend Kmilo helped organize the event which requested that punks bring notebooks for school kids who couldn’t afford them. From the looks of the number of notebooks collected, it was a big success and there will be some  happier school kids in Medellin this semester.

Lots of good local bands played  which included a bit of hardcore mixed in with the mostly classic punk bands, like our good buddies Lokekeda. Kamal and Sundara from Los Suziox, played in their respective side projects and I saw some old friends, some I hadn’t seen the Casualties show back in December 2009.

It was an all ages show (aren’t they all in Colombia?) and was held in Barrio Milagrosa which wasn’t “peligrosa” (dangerous) at all that I could tell. Security checked bags for liquor, beer, etc. so it was a fairly laid back as punk shows go.

But that didn’t dampen the spirit of the crowd which formed a nice pit that threw me around occassionaly while taking pics and video in front of the stage.Video will be coming soon but in the meantime, you can enjoy some photos from the show below.

If you enjoy those, remember to visit our FLIKR Page here for a plethora of punk pics. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Punk For a Cause in Medellin

  1. I have no idea what your saying.. since it’s written in slang and incorrect spanish.. but I hope it was positive 🙂

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