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"Insurgentas" Backstage Before the Show

Last summer I interviewed the ladies of “Insurgentas” (Insurgents) a Medellin, Colombia based all girl punk band. (SEE THE POST HERE) This quartet of lovely ladies seemed like the real deal at the time, but unfortunately they were not playing that particular day. Since then I’ve tried to catch them play but something came up each and every time that prevented it and I was beginning to think it just wasn’t in the cards.

But that all changed Sunday night at the Alcaldia Festival in Envigado, a cool little barrio on the outskirts of the Gringo Zone of Poblado in Medellin.

The festival got it’s name and served as a celebration for the release of  a DVD Documentary about the history of punk in Envigado called “Alcaldia Punk”. I missed most of the screening so I ended up buying a copy for the very reasonable price of $6 U.S. (which included entry to the concert). While the documentary doesn’t have English subtitles yet, should prove helpful in my continuing effort to learn Spanish.


Who knows if it works, I may offer a 3 step course called “Spanish for Punks” incorporating some of the techniques I’ve learned, which include:

1) Listening to punk music in Spanish

2) Watching English language TV Shows with Spanish Subtitles

3) and now, watching punk documentaries in Spanish w/o subtitles

If your interested, my secrets to learning Spanish without any of that lame stuff like trying or studying, can be yours for the low, low price of $19.99. Just email me and I’ll tell you where to send the money.

En Serio (seriously… see it’s working already) however, the documentary looked really decent, it’s 100% DIY and I can’t wait to sit down and see it. If you want a copy you can email my amigo Juan Camilo and his crew at Punky_HC at the mail that is really hot (hope you get that because spambots need not apply).


Now back to Insurgentas, after hearing these guys were on the bill, I knew I had to see them play and this time no excuses and I’m really glad I did. Their music ranges from straight up, throaty hardcore metal to melodic punk melodies, some straight up instrumentals without lyrics. These ladies are no novelty act at all, they are true musicians who really know how to play, and more importantly, you can tell they are dedicated to punk music.


The crowd recognized it too, as a good mix of girls and guys came to see watch them do their thing. I have some video I hope to get up soon, but I’ll have to wait until I get back in the U.S. near a decent internet connection so in the meantime, enjoy the pics and use your imagination.

But Insurgentas weren’t the only kick ass band at the festival, not by a long shot.

Nacion Criminal

There was Nacion Criminal (Criminal Nation), a hardcore band I had the pleasure of also seeing for the first time. The lead singer gave me one of their cds so I’m really looking forward to listening to that once back in the U.S.


Also, my good buddy, the drummer (and lawyer) David from Alkoholemia had given me a CD a while back and I finally got to listen to these guys live. They also range from hardcore to melodic punk and provided a good opportunity for some of the rowdier crowd to start a wrecking pit.


It was my amigos from Lokekeda that wound up the night and this was their hometown crowd, you could tell by the reaction. They ripped through their songs including “Medellin is Punk” which for obvious reasons is a crowd favorite. It was too dark to shoot any decent video of Lokekeda but if you want to see a video from a few weeks ago when they ripped through their song “Espinas Asesinas” then you can  CLICK HERE. Otherwise the fellas and I hope to film a proper music video for the song when I return to Medellin.

Punk Pit

A punk show in Medellin is always an enjoyable experience for me, more so than say a punk show in NYC or almost any other place.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten to know so many of the punks there and they are so cool.

Maybe it’s because I know that I don’t have to worry about some of the BS I’ve had to worry about at other punk shows (violence, arrests, out of control drunkenness,etc.).


But I think its because Medellin punks are authentic. They are the real deal and we share a love of good, punk music. Getting together to enjoy it with the punks in Medellin never fails to be a good, positive vibe. It was a Sunday after all, so maybe it was a little bit like going to punk church.

For more pics from the show be sure and check out the set on FLIKR HERE.




2 thoughts on “These Punk Chicks Show How It’s Done…

  1. Heyyy!! every single concert right here is en unique expirience of Passion, Love, Blood, Anarchy and Brotherhood… And your posts and photos are a really good compilation of what every single punk fell into the concert…
    Thanks robert!!! and Hope can see you in next concerts!

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