So we’re busy and working hard in the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t had time to do some “limin” (hanging out) with our buddies from Anti-Everything, who are holding down the punk scene here almost single handed.

Last night we wound up a long day of shooting by dropping by to listen to the guys rehearsing tunes from there forthcoming CD and let me tell you, the guys music is “lashin’ (Trini for damn good).

Bryan, the talented dread locked vocalist, had the graciousness to fix us dinner at his place, where we enjoyed some Roti and other Trini favorites.  I could get used to this kind of treatment!

Turns out Bryan’s house has a cool little rehearsal space so the whole crew really showed us a good time, including previewing a few of their songs of their forthcoming CD.

We were so impressed we decided to help them shoot a music video and we hope to show you that soon. In the meantime, I promised we’d have some video from the trip so I took a little flip cam footage for you to preview.

So enjoy a little punk rock, Trini style!

One thought on “Trinidad Punk.. it’s not sof’ man

  1. It’s “PUNK” Island Records!!! 🙂

    Anti-Everything come to New York and play the AfroPunk Festival!

    The Caribbean is indigenous Punk territory! Steve Jones, John Lydon and those guys developed their interest in music from hanging out with the Jamaican kids in Sheperd’s Bush in London, going to their parties and listening to Ska music.

    Thank you!!!

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