Ecuador here we come!

In the meantime, thought you might dig some pics from the recently wrapped Moto (Motorcycle) show in Medellin. Officially known as “Feria de las 2 Ruedas” , (Show on 2 wheels) it’s a 4 day extravaganza of motorcycles (and almost any other motor on 2 or sometimes 3 wheels), models, cerveza, food and did I mention models?

I went there with my buddies Andres from the local punk band, Los Suziox and Faber (Rock en Medellin Festival) and we had a good time as always.

Andres and Faber with refreshments

Ran into The Dorados, a rockabilly trio holding down the rockabilly scene in Medellin. The guys from the Dorados are chimba (super cool) cats and we made plans for me to tape a performance of these guys when I’m back in Colombia so stay tuned for that in June.

With the Dorados rockabilly trio

In the meantime, enjoy the pics from the Medellin Moto Show and I’ll see you in Ecuador.

Some of the ahem.. "entertainment" @ the Moto Show.

Have no idea how to ride this thing..

I could get used to this...

Andres (Los Suziox)

The Dorados Rockabilly Trio with Andres of Los Suziox

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