We’ve been to Cuba, Russia, Colombia, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay and Argentina interviewing punk bands for the upcoming documentary “Punktology”. We’ve interviewed bands from all these places plus Puerto Rico, Italy and more. This summer it’s Eastern Europe but beginning next week it’s Ecuador’s turn.

Havana, Cuba

I’ve heard a lot about the punk scene in Ecuador, now it’s time to see if it really as good as I’ve heard. If you are a punk or know a good punk band in Ecuador, now is your chance, hit me up.

Now, I”ll be doing my side project, Raw Travel, so it will be hectic so I suggest you hit me up sooner rather than later if you think you have a story to tell the world about the punk scene in Ecuador?

Here is a little video from our trip to Cuba back in 2009. A rare look at a subculture in a very, very isolated and oppressed place.


3 thoughts on “Ecuador… Are You Punk Enough?

  1. Hey,
    I am Ecuador and I have listened to Punk Rock music for more than two decades. Notoken is one of the oldest HC Punk Rock bands in our scene. I know them very well. Therefore, if you want to keep in touch with them, let me know. Probably I can help you with the translation as well.
    Cheers from Ecuador!

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