Our first official day of shooting in Quito, Ecuador and we had a date with DMTR at the famous local rock bar “The Garage Bar”. In case your wondering, DMTR stands for Demeter and refers to the God of Fertility.

Now, I had done my research on these guys before hand and though there was not a ton of info on them, I had already previewed their music on Myspace, really dug it and really wanted to feature them.

Alfred - Vocals/Guitar for DMTR

So I sent about a dozen emails via myspace to no avail and finally, tracked them down on their facebook profile and tadah.. they answered back and we were all set.

We arrived to The Garage a little early and after we set up for our 3 camera shoot, the guys ripped through their two recorded songs “No Balas Sin Fronteras” (No Bullets Without Borders) and “Mentira” (Lie) for our cameras and a small entourage of friends, managers and girlfriends.

The music was fast, furious and melodic (and yes, fertile too). To me, it had a distinct U.S. west coast punk flavor and by the 2nd performance I was hooked on DMTR.

Afterwards we had a short interview for Raw Travel and the documentary Punktology.

The guys from DMTR are eager to record more of their songs and tour outside of Ecuador, including possibly Colombia and the U.S. No matter where you live, if they come to a town near you, trust me, you will want to check em out.

In the meantime, enjoy this clip from their performance of “No Balas Sin Fronteras” from one of our cameras at the shoot.

For more info on the band be sure and check out their Myspace Page or Facebook profile.

With DMTR After The Shoot

Also if your ever in Quito be sure and look up the Garage Bar for good live rock and punk Music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (this is not a paid endorsement, just a bit of advice, you punk cynic you).

Disfruta (enjoy) the vid and see if you don’t think this is some fine ass punk music regardless of language, location or whatever!

2 thoughts on “Quito’s DMTR… Fast, Furious and Fertile!

  1. Good report!
    We would like to go to the Garage bar tonight, but where is it? Can´t find an address in the internet?

    Thanks for your help

    two German Punkrockers riding around the world on their motorcycles

    Panny & Simon

  2. Sorry.. I guess I dropped the ball here. Heavy travel will do that.. Try this address with a taxi driver:
    Avenida La República near to Plaza de las Américas entre Mañosca y Naciones Unidas

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