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Medellin may not have the biggest rockabilly scene in Latin America, but it’s definitely home to one good time rockabilly band with a lot of potential, the Dorados.

I’m not very good at predictions, but I have a feeling that Medellin, which has all the ingredients of a good rockabilly town (a thriving motorcycle and punk scene, a sort of cowboy culture and with Dorados a solid rockabilly band) will embrace rockabilly music fully in 5-10 years.

In the meantime, the seeds are being planted and were planted just a little bit deeper the other night when the Dorados hosted a special live performance at The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shop in Belen, a suburb of Medellin.

The shop invited their best customers (and yours truly who hasn’t been on a motorcycle since I crashed my best buddy’s new dirt bike at the age of 12) to enjoy BBQ, cold beer, a pool table and some good old fashioned rockabilly music the evening before Colombia’s 201st Independence Day.

Indeed, as the Dorados plowed through covers like “Brand New Cadilac” and “Tequila” you might have imagined being at a 4th of July celebration in almost anywhere USA.

The guys played over 15 songs in two sets ranging from rockabilly and surf classics to their own originals. Speaking of originals, the Dorados have recorded 4 of their original tracks and are currently mixing them down, including one of my favorites “Betty Page” and you can see the video below for a sample of that song.

In between sets, the speakers blasted music ranging from metal gods Metalica to some classic rock and roll like The Stones reminding me of the diversity of the music scene in Medellin.

From hardcore to traditional punk, to metal and now, eventually and you can feel it building, rockabilly, Medellin is a hell of a good music town.

As I said, I’m not into motorcycles that much but I’ll gladly party along with the guys, especially if they host some good, old fashioned rockabilly music from the likes of The Dorados.

6 thoughts on “Dorados Present Paisa Rockabilly

  1. ahhh, pero sabe ke? nosotros en tangamandapio hacemos mejor rockabilly, me parece un irrespeto…. bla bla bla… vengan a vernos pa ke aprendan ;), we are the champions… (salud neas)

  2. Hey Robert! nice articles! keep on rockin with colombian bands!
    cheers, hope to see you soon again!

    y señor w, mejor cierre la jeta y dedíquese a trollear a su mamá. pendejo.

  3. que pereza ir hasta tangamandapio prefiero ir a medellin y a bogota a ver buenas bandas!!!

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