LIMA, PERU – What can I say, Lima Peru really knows how to rock and to treat a visiting punk. The punks there had arranged for a private showcase of sorts which featured no less than 5 current punk bands playing 3 songs each, exclusively for our cameras.

I want you to all to get a taste of the type of punk music being played in this country which has such a legendary history going all the way back to the 1960s (if you find yourself scratching your head on that one, then keep following over the next couple of weeks and I’ll explain, I promise).

But right now we’re focused on the present punk wave in Peru or for me personally the not so distant past (last week).

Los Lemmings














I’ll feature the first couple of bands from the showcase this go around.

First up was Los Lemmings, a band with lots of energy. This song is called “Tocamos Rock” (We Play Rock) and all I can say to that is yes they do. Indeed, this little ditty has a little hint of 1950s rockabilly mixed in with pure punk. What do you think?


Next up was a band that ranks right up there for having one of my favorite all time band names and that’s saying something. Consider some of my favorite band names are translations from Latin America as well. Names like (Los Suziox) “The Dirty”, (Rudos Wild) “Rough and Wild” and (Estoy Puto) “I”m Pissed” and of course the classics which need no translation like “Stiff Little Fingers” and “Chlamydia”.

These guys are called “Lo Que Roe” or “What Gnaws” translated. Wait… so they are “What Gnaws”? Whew! Who knew?

I’ve been wondering what that gnawing feeling has been all these years and now I know. I thought it was just some primitive, genetic defect left over from caveman days or possibly some buried childhood memory.


Lo Que Roe (What's Gnawing)


The band’s vocalist is none other than  Juan   Atto, who also has a local punk record label called “Lukro Records” which promotes punk bands and concerts in Lima (including one coming up this weekend, so if your in town, check it out!).


Lo Que Roe performed a song called “Perdido Control” (Lose Control) and it’s below for your enjoyment.


Check out the bands links (click on their names) and Lukra Records’ link if you want to know more about the Lima punk scene and these bands.

And  stay tuned here. We’ll have 2 more bands that played in the showcase later that evening as well as coverage of a big anarchist punk concert from last weekend that kicked some ass.

Then we delve back into some history covering what could be the very first punk band in the history of mankind.. now that my punk amigo, is heavy sh** that you need not miss!


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