I’m stressed and money is always on my mind. I always feel the need to buy stuff and consume more than I need. Why the other day I grabbed a handful of napkins that the lady at the fast food counter gave me and used them all!

I feel really ill informed and disconnected from world events. The radio stations are all playing the same damn garbage and even National Public Radio is getting on my nerves with their politically correct jargon. Hey U.S. news media, the Middle East is not the entire world! Yes, they have oil, yes, they have terrorism and problems, but every now and then I’d like to know what’s up in other parts of the world.

If I hear the word “austerity” (somehow it needs to be said with a British accent) or see another “expose” on how Wall Street scumbags are NOT going to jail for what they did to the economy I’m going to throw up.

Time to hang with my pals from UPS! in Serbia

I’m tired of the electoral politics. My vote won’t matter one damned bit and probably never will so long as I live in California and / or New York and we have this archaic system of state delegates. Mitt Romney looks like a tool and I hate his voice which just sounds like he’s bitching and moaning all the time. He’s the dick in high school with no personality and was only popular because his parents had money. Have you ever seen a less inspiring “leader”?

And every time I hear about how “times are tough” in the U.S. and people are “struggling”, I’m starting to believe it… forgetting for a minute that in Haiti the kids eat mud pies, literally because they crave iron that’s missing in their diet and that real struggle in most of the world is finding a morsel of food, not “can we afford to send our precious little snowflake to that $25K per year private school next year”.

Yes, even the kids have become less cute (except for those immigrant kids, they are always cuter, I don’t know why… they are smaller.. more innocent.. less “Me, Me, Me” it seems… or is it just me).   The idea that Russel Simmons has a gold toilet while simultaneously claiming to be a yogi is… still F’d up however!

Yes, I’ve been in the U.S. too long. My passport is begging to be used and my mind is slipping into that comatosed stated of stupidity and ignorance that comes from staying inside of one’s own borders for too damned long. It’s time to hit the road my friends and get a fresh perspective on life and the punk scene.

Time to meet the neighbors so Eastern Europe here we come! Next month, we’ll start our tour of Eastern Europe, 1st time ever, by rolling through Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and if we have the time, Belarus.

I’ve got Russians holding down the fort for Punk Outlaw Records, I’ve got Australians holding down the fort that is my apartment and I’ve got Serbians eagerly awaiting my arrival there.   I may not speak the language, I may be waking up at the crack of 2pm due to the time difference.. I’ve done no research. I have the guidebook but haven’t read it. I’m ill prepared and that’s the way I like it. It’s time to go on the road.




3 thoughts on “Hungary for Some Travel – Eastern Europe Here We Come!

  1. Poland WAS part of the Iron Curtain before 1989 yes? I think its because most people (at least in the U.S.) have historically broken down Europe into Western or Eastern, depending more on the break of the Iron Curtain countries. I think a more modern interpretation based on geography rather than politics would indeed put Poland in the central Europe designation and is appropriate. Anyhow… the map is from the internet.. Not sure the publisher.. point of the blog was to show on a map where I was headed on my travels (Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Ukraine) which did not even include Poland, not to debate the finer aspects of what is Western, central or Eastern Europe. Geographical borders are such BS anyway.. just another way to divide and conquer.

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