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Rock al Parque in Bogota, Colombia is one huge annual music festival. We covered it in 2010 and it was an amazing experience to see 70,000 or so punk, metal and rock fans enjoying all kinds of rock music from around the world.  I dare say it’s one of the biggest festivals in all of South America, if not the biggest.

I asked the question then, which I am asking now: Why doesn’t one of the finest punk bands in Colombia, Los Suziox not play? The answer then was “politics”, but hopefully they would play in 2011.

2011 came and went and still no Los Suziox at Rock Al Parque.

Los Suziox (Colombia) - Why are they not playing Rock Al Parque?


Now it’s 2012 and the find folks at Rock Al Parque decided to let the people vote to decide who should play. Seems stupid to me that Los Suziox has to beg for votes to play a festival they should have already been playing.

I may not be the most objective guy in the world, but I know a good band when I hear one and Los Suziox is one of those bands that comes around only every now and then.

For Los Suziox to play Rock Al Parque is a no-brainer, but the rules state people have to vote for them so I’m saying hey, lets help Los Suziox play Rock Al Parque and get the vote out. It’s tight but last I checked Los Suziox was winning, but barely.

Hope you’ll visit the voting site HERE and even if you don’t read Spanish it’s easy, you just vote for Los Suziox and wallah, the right band FINALLY will play one of the biggest rock festivals in all of South America. As it should be!

Rumor has it there may be some new music from Los Suziox coming out soon on Punk Outlaw Records. This band is too good for Colombians to keep to themselves, and if Bogota doesn’t watch out, they may find that Los Suziox is one of those bands that becomes too big and too busy touring the rest of the world to play their home country’s festival. Better get ’em while you can guys!

Thanks for your support and in the meantime, enjoy the music video “Armas Silenciosas” from Los Suziox.


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