Would it piss Fidel Castro off if someone from the U.S. made money off his policies of denying freedom of expression to his own fellow citizens? Would he be angry that a Cuban punk willfully posed against a back drop of the heroes of the revolution flouting the very symbol of Cuban patriotism?

Well judging by the way Cuba prostitutes Che’s image on shirts, flags, and all manner of nick nacks for tourists, I’d say Fidel is a tried and true capitalists, regardless of his propaganda to the contrary.

So without getting into Cuban politics, yet again.. I will just say this, my Russian interns came up with a cool idea.. well actually, I gave them the idea… well to be completely honest a reader from Australia gave me the idea, I then proceeded to give it to the Russians and the Russians executed the plan (as they always do so well) of putting the iconic Cuban punk photos on shirts sold here in the U.S of A. (but probably made in China… who knows?).

Now, before you jump the gun and say we’re exploiting the poor Cubans’ lack of freedoms, let me say this, we’re selling the shirts just $1 above costs and we are going to send 100% of any profits to our good buddies at Cuba Skate which we are trying to raise $ for with the Punktology Vol. 1… Free Cuba Now CD featuring punk music from Latin America and the Caribbean (notice how I worked that in?).

So far we haven’t generated even $1 of profit for Cuba Skate but we’re not giving up. We have until the end of November this year to get something done. So get the CD.. Get the shirt.. hell get both and help out this very legitimate and cool organization give young people trapped on the island of Cuba some hope and healthy diversion (skateboarding). Yeah, it’s not like Cubans are eating mud pies for their iron deficiencies like their Haitian neighbors, but Cuba is still a bleak place to live and Cuba Skate is helping brighten the day of many a young Cuban, so lets help them out.

If the Cuban controversy is not your thing, then no worries, we’ve got some pretty cool Punk Outlaw Records shirts too. Made to order as I understand it. Give our new little made to order merch store a try HERE. 

And remember, when you shop and consume, even if you can’t afford it, you are fulfilling your patriotic duty (paraphrase of Goerge W. Bush) and helping out poor little Wall Street bankers all at the same time.  So feel good about yourself.



2 thoughts on “Oye! Oye! Get Your Cuban Punk T-Shirts Here!

  1. MAKE A VISUAL PROTEST AND SUPPORT CUBAN PUNKS! I just received my Cuban Punk T-Shirt in Australia. I LOVE IT! It’s a very cool blend of political street art, individuality and it’d really piss off the Cuban Establishment. It’s everything the Punk Movement stands for!

    The graphic is powerful and looks fantastic in black, already I’ve had people asking for it … looks like I’ll be ordering more … It’d make a great gift I think for those who like to dress beyond the mainstream. My punk outlaw tank also looks pretty fierce … minimal design that makes a big impact just the way I like my fashion… can’t wait for summer! In fact I won’t … Hats off to the Russian Interns!

  2. yeah!.. thanks for the support Mary! Cuban Punks thank you as well.. and Fidel? well Fidel can go to hell!

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