I finally made it to my “2nd home” of Medellin, Colombia and despite the big “Feria de los Flores” (Festival of Flowers) festivities going on all week, I immediately got to work.

First stop was lunch with my amigo and Dorados Rockabilly Trio founder and lead singer Felipe Ossa.

Felipe and I discussed the recent lineup changes, (San the new bass guitarist has joined Felipe on guitar & vocals and Camilo on drums to round out the trio), the surprising success of their first music video “Bettie Page… Donde Estas?” (missed it? See below!) and their future plans (could 2013 could see a U.S. Dorados tour?).

We decided that we should follow up the smashing success of Bettie Page with another music video and we selected the infectious “Diamond Girl” from their release “Conflicto de Espacio Blanco” (White Space Conflict) as a good follow up.

Felipe secured a local Harley Motorcycle paint and repair shop in the neighborhood of Estadio, just past the casinos and gaming halls of downtown Medellin.

The location was perfect and Felipe’s brother Pablo really saved the day, helping me out with a 2nd camera for the shoot. I’m really happy with the footage and can’t wait to get back to the U.S. to see what the Russians and I can do with it.

We were able to fire off a few low quality stills of the evening for your viewing pleasure. Note the sick Dorados Rockabilly Trio T shirt I’m sporting! Never fear that shirt design should be coming soon to a Punk Outlaw Store near you real soon.

In the meantime, we are in search of a rockabilly video vixen for the Diamond Girl lead role, preferably in the Los Angeles or New York City area, but all should feel free to apply. If interested, just shoot us an email to and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can.


3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Dorados Music Video Shoot

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