Is Green Day punk? Did Billie Joe Armstrong overreact to being pulled off stage early at the I-heart radio concert in Las Vegas or was he just asserting Green Day’s position as a punk band? Do Pigz really fly and if so, how high?

These are just some of the questions pondered on last Sunday night’s pod cast live from Diamond Liquors somewhere in El Monte, California… or as I like to refer to it, not Santa Monica. I swear I know more about Latin America geography than Los Angeles but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen or view it right HERE for lots of goodies like the aforementioned debate over Green Day’s punkness or lack there of and live performances of Normandie Blue featuring, gasp… a stand up bass and a couple of new songs from their forthcoming CD.

Thanks to the crew and Diamond Liquors for having us out and to everyone that participated. Had a blast and the pleasure was all ours.

P.S. Here is the LINK to ALL the Pigz’ pics to help you Vis-U-Al-ize the whole thing.



One thought on “Punk, Pigz and Billie Joe Armstrong

  1. Alex Blue has an incredible voice, I knew it but I’m still in awe. I wasn’t expecting that sound, and Temple of Doom, so pure, hopefully you can upload the songs on their own, I want to keep listening. I can’t wait for the next album.

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