Last night was the big Rock It Thursday nights at Visions Lounge in El Monte, CA. We had word that this was where Rich “Greedie” Vreedie hung out and maybe even gets a piece of the door so with legal papers in hand, my buddy Francisco and I headed out.

Francisco’s mission was simple, give the legal notice of our pending lawsuit to one Rich Greedie personally and let him know, “you’ve been served!”


Rich “Greedie” Vreede of “Black Cat”

We arrived around 9:30 pm and after not seeing the CON-cert promoter milling around outside, my buddy Francisco tried another tactic and asked the security detail to please let Vreede know someone was outside asking for him. After like 1/2 hour the security guy came out and said while he knew that Vreede was definitely inside, he was unable to find him.

Having confirmed that Vreede was indeed inside, we decided to jump in line and try our luck finding him ourselves. We agreed to split up once inside so Francisco could do his job without me cluing Vreede as to his intention and having the guy run away or something.

Thanks Rock It Thursdays!

We received our armbands, got properly ID’eed by the very nice security detail and once inside, what did Francisco immediately see? Well he saw a chunky, chubby, cheribum faced Rich Greedie, complete with trademark porkpie hat, talking to the person at the cash register (possibly trying to figure out how to scam some more $? Who knows?).

We couldn’t believe our luck. As I fumbled for my iphone to get a photo off, Francisco jumped into action and went up to Rich and said “hey buddy” and they shook hands. Francisco then presented him with the paperwork and Vreede I guess knew then what was up and jumped back like a scared little girl who had just seen a spider (my apologies to little girls everywhere). Hey may have even given off a high pitched “noooooooooo!!!” ha, ha!


Waiting in line at Rock It Thursdays in El Monte, CA

It all happened so fast and I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t get off a good photo, but Mr. Greedie had indeed been served.

But mission accomplished and then some. The look on Vreede’s face was definitely worth the 30 mile trek to El Monte. I would have liked to stay for the party, but I though it wise for us to leave and not create any negative energy. We all had to get back. We had lives to live and life is just too short to surround yourself with the likes of this scumbag promoter.

We had a celebratory beer at the nearby Hooters (terrible service by the way, but I guess no one goes for the stellar service) and then back home where I slept like a baby. I wonder how Rich Greedie slept?

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2 thoughts on “Rich “Greedie” Vreede Gets Served and Screams Like a Girl

  1. 1st time on here in awhile as I look at this site,this is just a bunch of out right Lies coming from Punk Outlaw Records? What Records and Where are these Records? Certainly not in Southern California! Wasting time on Me will not get you no where with your continued Lies and as far as last night is concerned,I did realize, it was you hiding behind the camera with your friend but I decide to avoid both of you guys and turned away due to the fact I just don’t want anything to do with you since you have written all this bad press about me since Feb’12, and with last night, with a hand shake? that did not happen.. and for being served? that did not happen either because I turned and walked away and didn’t notice in that was your mission in what you we’re set out to do while you we’re there, I totally thought you wanted to film me of course in doing something stupid on camera by me talking shit or do a Rich gets “Violent?” against you! which was also a False Story, anyway I didn’t get any paperwork from you and it looks like you’ll have to try it again next time..

  2. Rich Greedie lives! Thanks for letting us all know you DID get served. Doesn’t matter if you accept it or not, don’t you know that? I’m not going to give free legal advice however, it’s up to you what you do now.

    What does Punk Outlaw Records have to do with the fact that you stole money from a lot of people over the years? Don’t shift the blame Rich. Look in the mirror, there you will see the only person that is responsible for who/what/where you are in life… nothing can change that.

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