Girl Power… Heard a lot about it. Tried to incorporate it into my documentary “Punktology” with an entire section devoted to women and punk rock. Pussy Riot is maybe not the punkest sounding band on the planet, but you MUST admit they are pretty damned brave to take on Putin and the entire government of Russia.They went to jail for their beliefs. That is punk rock.

“Half the Sky” is a book I read based on the extremely common sense premise that if women just had some modicum of rights and equality in places where poor girls aren’t even allowed to go to school or are routinely sex trafficked, this would indeed be a very different (and better) world. It’s also a documentary on PBS and a movement where you can help out. Check it out HERE.

Pussy Riot – Photo by Igor Mukhin

I’m sure you’ve heard about Malala, the 14 year old Pakistani girl shot in the head by the Taliban for simply expressing her beliefs that 14 year old girls should also have a right to an education. Last week she had a whole day dedicated to her as she continues her brave fight for survival.

I’d love to get a coward like the shooter one on one alone in a room for just 10 minutes. No weapons. Just he and I. I’m not a tough guy mind you. I abhor violence. But one of us would not come out alive. The world is full of cowards like him, many your next door neighbors who routinely beat their wives or abuse children. Pick on someone your own size, or at least your own gender.

I love my mother, I love my sisters, I have many females that I admire. My Grandmother was my idol. A good lady if there ever was one and luckily, my mother fell close to that tree. Without them and their love I would have been screwed.

Moscow’s “Lazy Bitches”

So over the next few entries I’m going to try and do something and honor girls like Pussy Riot and Malala and the makers of “Half The Sky” and the countless, powerless ladies who toil in obscurity but collectively hold this planet together and could do so much more if allowed much less empowered, by profiling those in punk, rockabilly, etc.

How much more could on this side of the planet if they do if it wasn’t cool to call them “Bitches” and “hos” thanks to people like Jay Z and Russell Simmons (is it fair game to call their little daughters “bitches” or “ho”? I doubt it… but then again Russell is a self described “yogi” who has a gold toilette in his mansion, so the contradiction isn’t surprising is it?).

Ironically, I’m going to kick things off start by showcasing the lead singer of a Russian band called “Lazy Bitches”. You know it sounds so much better when a woman CHOOSES to call herself that term? Especially if it’s a punk band fronted by a woman.

I saw this video and thought this is just a kick ass version of “Call Me” from Blondie. An old school dittie from back in the day when Punk bands like Blondie were morphing into new wave at places like NYC’s CBGBs.

Natalie, “Lazy Bitches” vocalist, belts it out.. she gives it all she has. You don’t have to save the world all the time. You just gotta do what you do and do it well. So agree with me or not.. I dig it. So here goes.

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