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Yeah it’s on.. it’s f&&&’ng on. I’m working… hard. Too hard. I’m flying all over the U.S. of A spending all my hard earned cash to do something that I believe in and will not let die.

Now what’s more punk rock than that? OK, lots of things, but the bottom line is for the next 90-120 days, it’s going to be hell. If I survive, there is a chance, and it’s a decent one, that I’ll finally get this semi punk inspired travel show called “Raw Travel” on the air. And if not, I lose my shirt. No big deal, right?! maybe I can sell insurance, or be a banker. Or used cars, that’s it. I’ll see used cars. or cemetery plots? Lots of plan Bs.


Frustrations, there are many. Civility left the TV business about 10 years ago. Maybe it was never there and maybe I’m just as bad and just to thin skinned these days. Anyway, I want to document the process of doing this shit because it in itself is an adventure. Some people so full of good will, some so nasty. Like the world itself. Maybe I will.

In the meantime, enjoy these promos for the 1st 9 episodes of Raw Travel. Coming to you (hopefully) sometime in October 2013 and maybe, internationally, as soon as this summer.

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Email me or leave a comment with your email address and let me know where you live and I’ll let you know where/when you can watch when it gets on the air.

We’ve got 9 of these bad boys to showcase so I’m going to upload in sets of 3.. keep ya coming back for more you know.. just like the big greedy boys do it… ummmmmmm  wwwwha, ha, ha, haaaaa ha, ha, ha, haaaaa, haaaaaaaa  (that’s supposed to be an evil laugh.

Episode 1 – Quito Ecuador

Episode 2 – Busing through Ecuador

Episode 3 – Port of Spain, Trinidad

One thought on “Hello! Is This Thing On?

  1. This is great news … 13’s your lucky #. Pls, Pls get this on in Australia, I’ve read the RT blog several times, seen the promos and am impatient for more. I am so over travel shows talking about a countries culture while sitting in a restaurant with the few inhabitants that speak English. I want to see the differences, I want to be inspired, I want to at least recognise that other cultures still exist!! Good Luck!!!

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