Commercials generally suck, but keep in mind they are probably helping to finance your favorite TV show (if you have one). I personally love 60 Minutes, but could do without the annoying, cheezy, Viagra or Viagra equivalent commercials. I don’t want to be reminded that old, out of shape people have sex and I certainly don’t want to watch them get all worked up before hand at a fake concert or whatever. Those have to be the worst actors ever. What people do in their bedroom, that’s up to them, but put it on TV, well that is why God made DVRs.

The Advertising business is as unoriginal and inept as any these days. Yet within all this ineptness are some really morally good and talented people as well, who despite being worked like dogs for less and less money and even less time off (Thanks again Wall Street!), still manage to have pride in their work.

Why am I saying this? I have no idea. Perhaps mentally charging myself up for what I now must do… go present my recent life’s work to Madison Avenue. Do I still have it? Did I ever really have it? Time will tell.

Distribution didn’t kill me nor did it claim my soul, but it did give me pause, a big one. Corporate media owned by soulless corporations but run by very real people, some of them good, many of them not, just like in “real” life.

Can one keeps one’s integrity in tact and still be “successful”? Is making money and doing the right thing mutually exclusive? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? Well, join the club. Me either.

Here is a :30 commercial that I plan to insert into “Raw Travel” just in case Corporate America doesn’t embrace my idea for a TV show that can be both entertaining and be socially responsible at the same time.  More to follow.



One thought on “Normandie Blue Commercial

  1. To quote Dorothy Parker ” I don’t like many rich people, but I’d be darling at it”. It pisses me off that making money is even an issue within the Punk genre, it should be about how you make that money. As long as you don’t screw over anybody and represent people respectfully … well you should sleep well at night. You’ve worked hard, you deserve the success. I’m glad to see NB in the mix.

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