Here is something we don’t present often enough, punk inspired humor.

Ian Rubbish

I love NYC and I love Saturday Night Live (SNL), I will not lie. It’s one of the few shows on TV I try to catch religiously. When Margaret Thatcher died, SNL took full advantage and presented a fake band “The Bizarros” in a very real looking, fake documentary as the only punk band with a lead singer, Ian Rubbish, that ever dug Ms. Thatcher. You might even notice a few familiar faces in skits as well.

I thought it was hilarious. Fred Armisen is hilarious. If you haven’t caught his show Portlandia on IFC or Netflix, you should. Then again, you probably need to be from the U.S. to appreciate Portlandia.

Not so with the Margaret Thatcher skit. Brits should well appreciate this bit of humor and I’m sure our Aussie friends as well. Latin America? I don’t know guys. Weigh in, would love to hear what you think amigos.  Does this humor translate? I hate to keep a good joke to myself.

Also, Ian Rubbish has his own website where you can find out more and even download 4 pretty good songs by Ian. Check it out here.

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