I’ve got lots to report on our taping of Raw Travel – Underground NYC.

Basically we spent all last week trolling around the East Village, LES, Williamsburg & Coney Island getting good old look at the punk & underground scenes still very much in existence in the Big Ole Apple. Fear not my friends, punk is very much alive and well in NYC and we hope to shed some light on that via Raw Travel – NYC in just a couple of months.

I’ve got some serious editing, writing and planning for our next trip to Eastern Europe next month (Yikes!)… I’m so not ready.

So i”m gonna keep this short and sweet and just say thanks to my pals Angel Rivera, Jimmy from Trash & Vaudeville, the ladies at Tatyana (formerly Bettie Page) on Bowery, wonderful, wonderful Laura Rebel Angel and The Screamin’ Rebel Angels for hooking us up in Williamsburg (Beaner Bar, Slap Back, Human Head Records, etc.) and for playing a special show for us at The Grand Victory (Thanks Sean for hooking that up!) and to Adam “Real Man” for his sword swallowing, side show school out in Coney Island (When there you’ve got to check out Lola Star Boutique, such cool, weird, awesome stuff!) .

And last but not least the cool folks at the collective ABC No Rio down in the Lower East Side. Good people there and I won’t name them all but Spencer, Blaise, Steven & Julia hooked us up and were so damned cool. I hope we can do the story justice as they have a lot of history and story to tell.

And I’d like to thank these guys, the OC 45 from Boston, Mass who so kindly let us record some of their set at the matinee show at ABC No Rio last Saturday. Man I dug their music and man they can put on a show. My suggestion… find these guys when they are touring our head up to Bean Town and chase them down and take in a performance. But bring ear plugs.. these guys play loud and proud. Here are some photos from our shoot and here is a snippet from OC 45 at ABC No Rio. Enjoy!


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