Been out of the game for a while, so I called my pal Andres, from the Colombian punk band, Los Suziox, who’s been visiting NYC for a ew months.. to see if any good shows were popping in the area.merch f

It was my lucky day and after trekking out to Bushwick I met up with Andres and a few pals to take in the PMS 84 (Portland, OR), Conspiracy(NYC) and Rubber (NYC). All good bands and all putting on a great show.img_5553

It did the trick. This is what the doctor ordered. One good punk show and chilling with some true, blue authentic music lovers of the same ilk.. Not a cell phone in sight.. other than mine to take these pics and vids. These fine people were there for the show, the music and each other, living in the moment.. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic.. straight, gay.. wheelchairs and on two feet.. It reminded me why I love the punk scene and why I needed this.

Here are a few pics and vids from the show.



Steven, Sarah & Andres

Steven, Sarah & Andres



PMS 84

PMS 84


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