This is Outlaw Country/ Punk artist is Will Hoge.

He’s from Nashville and he opened up for Social Distortion the other night. One thing about Mike Ness is that he carefully curates his shows personally, it’s not an “uncurated mess” (inside Netflix Joke). Will rocked it. He told it like it is and his brand of “outlaw country” was powerful.


He has a new album coming out today called “The American Dream” and I for one will be buying it.

It comes with a copy of the U.S. Constitution. If you like your music to make you think, you may wanna give this fella a listen. If you LOVE the status quo, you may not dig it.

Here’s the tracklist
– Gilded Walls
– Stupid Kids
– Still A Southern Man
– Oh Mr. Barnum
– Thoughts & Prayers
– My American Dream
– The Illegal Line
– Nikki’s A Republican Now

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