MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA: July 7th, 2010

Fertil Miseria

I promised you video from our coverage of Rock Al Parque in Bogota, and here goes our first clip. This clip features the very popular punk/hardcore band from Medellin, “Fertil Miseria” performing on July 4th at the big 3 day festival.

Fertil Miseria was just my 2nd interview when filming the documentary “Punktology” on location at their store, “Rock and Roll Tienda” (Rock and Roll Store) which, as the name suggests, sells punk and rock inspired clothing and merchandise.

Viky from Fertil Miseria

At that interview, there was very little English spoken (my friend Jorge from Colombian punk provided some rough translation), and my Spanish was even worse then than it is now, so I didn’t really know what to think of this wild group of friendly and outgoing characters, much less the full content of their interview.

Hardcore/Punk with a violin

Since that interview I’ve witnessed Viky (vocals) jump on stage to play with their friends, the legendary Medellin punk band I.R.A., when I.R.A.  opened for The Casualties last December and the Medellin crowd went absolutely wild. The love was palpable.

The Rock Al Parque performance was my first time witnessing the entire band playing a gig live and it was cool to watch the festival fans respond. Viky worked the crowd well and while I’m not sure what she said exactly (yes, my Spanish still pretty much sucks), I do know they went wild whenever she frequently shouted “Puta” (Whore)!

Fertil Miseria Press Conference

I won’t be able to upload the High Def video until I get back to NYC, so this flipcam video will have to do until I can edit something nice, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

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