Psychobilly promoter and all around cool cat (kitten?) Laura Rebel Angel has gone from promoting the best psychobilly/rockabilly events in NYC to fronting her own band, the “Screamin’ Rebel Angels” to which I ask “What took you so long?”.

As per the norm with Laura, it’s 1st class all the way.

The lady can organize a party or event, as evidenced by some of her bashes in the past like the one we covered way back in 2010 HERE and by the backyard BBQ setting for their new vide0 “Sizzle” which looks like it would have simply been a blast to make or at least participate.

Now by the looks & sounds of things.. she can rock and roll with the best of ’em too.. Who knew? Not me.. but now I do.. and now.. so do you.

Here are the Screamin’ Rebel Angels with “Sizzle”!


Like what you see? me too.. so if you happen to be in NYC (and want to take in the Screamin’ Rebel Angels live, then you are in luck. They are opening for the Chop Tops this weekend! More info at the Rebel Angel Production’s site HERE. 



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